Lucky Beaver Professional Infield Mix


Lucky Beaver Professional Infield Mix


Lucky Beaver Professional Infield Mix

Product Description

Lucky Beaver Professional Infield Mix is a unique blend of clay, silt, and sand that has been specifically designed to meet the high demands of professional standards. This soil mix is meant to increase compaction and enhance the overall performance on any infield. Screened down to 3/16”, this infield mix requires proper moisture management to maintain its highest performance.
Lucky Beaver Professional Infield Mix provides an elite playing surface to programs looking to increase the performance of their infield. With proper moisture management, this material will hold its shape, compact nicely, and offer an extremely fast playing surface. Though this elite blend soil blend was designed for professional level of play, it is an excellent mix for any Division I softball and baseball program.

Lucky Beaver Professional Infield Mix Tips:
Remember to condition your infield with soil amendments. We recommend using 20% by volume to see best results. Though our custom soil blends have been designed to meet a professional’s standards, conditioning your infield helps with moisture management, absorption, soil strength, and recovery.
The final step in creating an all weather field, one that will allow play long after the other teams have gone home, is Top Dressing your infield with 1/4” of Calcined Clay or Diatomaceous Earth. Both products will help the surface of your infield retain moisture.
Recommended Application when renovating an infield:
Lucky Beaver Professional Infield Mix should be put down to a depth of 3” – 6” on a standard infield renovation. Once laid evenly, we suggest watering your infield with ½ inch of water, rolling it with a 1000 pound roller to achieve proper compaction, and then laser grading it out at 1/2%.

Baseball Coverage Infield 1” Soil 3” Soil 6” Soil
90’ Bases (Grass Infield) 11,550 sq. ft. 32 Yards 96 Yards 192 Yards
60’ Bases (Little League) 3,850 sq. ft. 11 Yards 33 Yards 66 Yards

Softball Coverage Infield 1” Soil 3” Soil 6” Soil
65’ Bases (Slow Pitch) 9,200 sq. ft. 25 Yards 75 Yards 150 Yards
60’ Bases (ASA Fast Pitch) 8,300 sq. ft. 23 Yards 69 Yards 138 Yards

70 pounds per cubic foot (Loose) = 1.05 Yards: 1 Ton
84 pounds per cubic foot (Compact) = .88 Yards: 1 Ton
2.75 Cubic Yards covers 1000 sq. ft. at a depth of 1″