Coach to Catcher One Way Communicator

Communicate with your players like never before with our Coach to Catcher Communication Devices packages! A sure fire way to amp up your team's success!

BC3 Coach’s Communication Device

One-way communication between coaches and players. Access to one channel at a time of the total 16 available. Provides ultra-fast and convenient way to switch channels in less than 0.5 seconds. Has improved battery life, distance, radio stability, etc. than previous models. Includes wired earpiece for coach.

BB2 Player’s Communication Device

Specially programmed to receive one-way communication from coach to catcher. It is mounted in players’ hats and helmets and can be set to any one of the 16 available channels. Industrial-strength VELCRO provided. Unlimited number of Baseball BQ2 and BQ3. 8 Hour battery life. Mini-USB charger included.

Soft Wired Earpiece for BB1/BB2

Soft, flexible, and wires up to catcher’s ear. Connects to BB1/BB2 only.

Holder for BB1/BB2

Allows catcher to keep device secure anywhere outside of the helmet. Can be attached to back straps of catcher’s gear. Fits BB1/BB2 model.

Packages For Purchase

Includes: BC3 Device + Earpiece, BB2 Device, Earpiece for BB2 Device, and Holder for BB2 Device

1 Package


Perfect for schools with one team level!

2 Packages

$1,000 ($500/each)

Perfect for schools with both a JV and Varsity team!

3 Packages

$1,350 ($450/each)

Perfect for schools with multiple team levels!

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