Want the best swim uniform for your athlete, but you’re unsure which brands fit your needs best? Well, Valley Athletics is here to give you all the information you need, combined all on one easy to find page. We’ve assembled the best brands, highlighted their best features, and done all the work for you, so that all you need to do is check out this page to find the brand that suits your athlete’s needs. Here are Valley Athletics, we put our customers first, which includes helping them make the best decisions possible on their apparel, because we know not every athlete fits in the same box. Our goal is not only to make sure your athlete looks and plays their best, but to leave you feeling confident, happy, and satisfied with every garment your order from us. So, let us do the work for you, so that you can focus on the meet, practice, and breaking record times.


Dolfin Swimwear

Feel like an Olympian when you swim in Dolfin Swimwear’s swim uniforms and apparel! They’re high-performance and high-quality suits will make your dreams of being on the podium one day that much more attainable. Choose between their Reliance and XtraSleek lines: Reliance known for its ultimate reliability while providing optimal comfort, and XtraSleek known for its sharp resolution prints and bright colors. Both are made with fabric that is chlorine-resistant, sun resistant (UPF 50+), and pilling resistant, so that your main focus is on the meet and not on your swimsuit. Their suits are also breathable, dry quickly, and have excellent shape retention, so that you’ll look as good as you feel. With your choice of double x back, DBX back, v back, and HP back styles in women’s suits, you’re sure to find a style that is flattering for your shape. Reliance suits are made with 100% polyester, and XtraSleek suits are made with a nylon/spandex blend. They also come in a wide variety of prints and colors, so that you can customize them to fit your teams standards just the way they envisioned it. When you look great, you perform great, and in these suits, you’re guaranteed to look your best.

TYR Sport

Beat your best average and feel like a pro when you swim in TYR’s swim uniforms and apparel! These high-performing and high-quality suits are made with your choice of Durafast Elite or Durafast One materials. Both are made to last twenty times longer than traditional swimwear, so that it won’t sag or fade, and they feature UPF 50+ sun protection that effectively blocks out ultraviolet (UV) radiation, a 4-way stretch technology that provides excellent freedom of movement, an antimicrobial lining to protect against odors and prevents against bacteria growth, and are 100% chlorine proof. For women’s suits, choose between a more modest cut, or a cutout style, so that your athlete is as comfortable as possible during meets all season long. For men’s suits, choose between full coverage jammers, reduced coverage square leg, and minimal coverage briefs that are all compressive fit, so your athlete has reduced drag in the water, no matter how much coverage they’re comfortable with. Best of all, customize these suits with a logo, name, and/or number, so that they can look as good as they feel. With all these features, it’s easy to see why reviewers are saying they feel like an Olympian in these swim uniforms!

Arena Swimwear

Increase your stroke rate and go for the gold with Arena Swimwear’s swim uniforms and apparel! Inspired by our swim champions and designed for the major swimming federations, Arena Swimwear is not only high quality, but high performing in the water. Their suits are made from 100% polyester material that is extremely chlorine-resistant swim fabric that protects skin from the sun, is quick to dry, and is super durable, so it can handle numerous swim sessions. Women’s suits feature leg openings that are cut high on the hips for a streamlined look and optimal range of motion, as well as a wide back opening with narrow straps designed to keep your shoulder blades free to move, so you can stay focused on your technique and not be distracted by your suit. Men’s suits feature front lining for comfortable coverage and a secure fit with the internal drawstring. Best of all, these suits are customizable when you order through us. Not only will they feel good on, but they’ll feel good on your conscious. Arena is an environmentally conscious brand, committed to sustainability, and making sure there are always places to swim safely.



When you swim in Speedo’s swim uniforms and apparel, you’ll be even more inspired to go for the gold! There’s a reason that Olympians trust Speedo with their most important meets, and why this brand is recognizable by those that even not in the swim community. They boast impressive quality and world class performance. Their suits are made with materials like as their Endurance+ fabric that are designed to give swimmers an edge in the pool, whether they’re training for a meet or practicing flip turns. Endurance+ is quick-drying, enhanced with a four-way stretch that delivers maximum shape retention, and chlorine resistant, so that it will last multiple seasons. Women’s suits are available in multiple different styles that provide different amounts of coverage, as well as multiple colors. Men’s suits are available in a compression fit jammer, so that minimize drag in the water. All suits are customizable, so that your logo, name, and/or number can shine and help you stand out from the masses. When you look great, you swim great, and in Speedo, you’re guaranteed to look great!