Want the best hockey uniform for your athlete, but you’re unsure which brands fit your needs best? Well, Valley Athletics is here to give you all the information you need, combined all on one easy to find page. We’ve assembled the best brands, highlighted their best features, and done all the work for you, so that all you need to do is check out this page to find the brand that suits your athlete’s needs. Here are Valley Athletics, we put our customers first, which includes helping them make the best decisions possible on their apparel, because we know not every athlete fits in the same box. Our goal is not only to make sure your athlete looks and plays their best, but to leave you feeling confident, happy, and satisfied with every garment your order from us. So, let us do the work for you, so that you can focus on the game, practice, and scoring goals.



Hit the ice in style and high-performance with PROLOOK’s hockey uniforms and apparel! They offer a number of styles in your choice of twill, infused twill, and sublimated uniform options. Their long sleeve jerseys are available in four neck styles – lace up, v-neck, scooped v-neck with buckle, and assassin – and your choice of set-in or raglan sleeves. They are also available in standard or loose fit options. The jerseys feature articulated elbows, reinforced elbows and shoulders, and an optional fight strap at no additional cost. Their Pro Jerseys are also constructed with strategically placed mesh inserts, so your athlete can stay cool, dry, and focused on the game all season long. Their jerseys are made with one of the following fabrics: Textured Pro Fit, BE Mesh, ETX Poly, or RD014, all of which keep your athlete cool, dry, and focused on the game all season long. The uniforms also come with sublimated customization, meaning you can get the look you’ve always envisioned, so your athlete can not only perform their best, but look their best on the court.



Forecheck your opponents in style and elevated performance with CHAMPRO’s line of hockey uniforms and apparel. From beginning athletes to seasoned veterans of the game, CHAMPRO has a uniform that will have you doing a celly! Their loose fitting, long sleeve hockey jerseys are made with materials, such Fusion Mesh and Tek-Knit fabrics, that will keep your athlete cool, dry, and focused on the game all season long. They are available in your choice of faux lace, lace up, v-neck, and keyhole necklines, and some styles are available with a classic yoke, while others are available with a single ply yoke. They feature generous cut hockey sleeves, so that your athlete has full range of motion during game play. It’s made with double needled hems, so that every stitch is in place and doesn’t cause any distractions to your athlete. That way, they can stay focused on the game. Jerseys are fully customizable, meaning your team won’t only perform well under the pressure, but will look great and feel more confident while doing it!



Taking the puck to the crease never looked or felt so good! When you’re wearing Dynamic’s hockey uniforms and apparel, you’ll feel like you just pulled off a hat trick. High-quality fabrics, such innovative Dry Tec, Flex Dry, and more, ensure the best in comfort, moisture wicking, odor control, and overall longevity of you and your uniform. For maximum breathability and comfort, Dynamic utilizes laser cut ventilation in their designs, so that you can perform your best out on the ice, and with many of their fabrics being wrinkle and fad resistant, it’s easy to keep them in top shape all season long. They carefully select only the best fabrics that offer the performance and comfort athletes need to keep their head in the game and their their eye on the prize. All eyes will be on you and your team with the ability to custom create uniforms to your exact specifications in terms of color, design, fit, and font and easily bring any vision to life. Many of their uniforms and apparel are also available in Pro, Premium, and Standard styles, so that every budget is welcome to wear the best in the business.