Team Store Incentive Program

Let us launch a fully branded online store, custom built for your team, with your logo(s) in your team colors. Earn money for your team!

PLAYER PACK Incentive Program


Player Packs Ordered Your Program Will Receive
10-15 packs $25 per item in pack
16-25 packs $40 per item in pack
26-49 packs $50 per item in pack
50+ packs $65 per item in pack

Example: If your team has 30 players order a player pack of 8 items, we would give your program 8 x $50.00 per item = $400.00 to use on the store as a coaching staff coupon.

TEAM STORE Incentive Program


50 + Items $3.50/Item No Bonus
100 + Items $4.00/Item $.50/Item
200 + Items $4.50/Item $.75/Item
300 + Items $5.00/Item $1.25/Item
400 + Items $5.50/Item $2.00/Item

Example: If your team’s store sells 456 items, we will issue your team a check for 456 x $5.50 = $2508 and then we will issue you a bonus incentive check for 456 x $2.00 = $912.00.

Example Player Pack Bundle

Other Example Player Pack Options