Full Color Print Transfer

A more detailed alternative to Screen Printed transfers that is heat pressed directly to the cap. From one color logos to photographic prints, designs are free floating and can be applied over a seam. Full Color Transfers sit on top of the fabric with a slight relief. Be forewarned that weather and outdoor conditions will affect the durability and life of the decoration.

*Max Size: 2 ¼”H X 5 ½” W


Sublimated Print Transfer

A clean look for vintage or modern, multi-colored logos with a high level of detail. Sublimation prints are fused directly into the fabric through heat press application. Sublimated transfers can be used only on hats with a white front, foamie trucker hat style. Be forewarned that weather and outdoor conditions can affect the decoration, but Sublimated transfers are more durable than a Screen Printed transfers.

*Max Size: 2 ¼”H X 5 ½” W


Silicone Transfer

This modern decoration method provides a high-end look and raises your logo to a new level. Silicone delivers a durable decoration and looks great when matched with any of our technical cap styles. Silicone Transfers are heat press applied directly to the cap and have a matte finish. Ranges in thickness between 0.5 – 1.0 mm. Bold designs will be thicker than designs with small detail. It turns out its best when kept to one or two colors.

*Max Size: 2 ¼”H X 4 ½” W