Basic Mesh Infield Protector 15(D) x 26 x 56


Pro-Tector Full Infield Cover

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Pro-Tector Full Infield Cover

Product Description

PRO-Tector® Field Covers are constructed like no other and are highly durable to ensure your fields remain unscathed through harsh weather conditions. These covers come in a variety of sizes to protect whatever part of your field you choose – your infield, outfield, or diamond – or cover your entire field. Easy to put on your field and easy to take off, our products protect both grass and artificial turf and assure teams can play on game-ready fields no matter what conditions Mother Nature throws your way.

Pull handles and grommets are installed on all corners and every 10’ all around perimeter. Handles are securely sewn with thick industrial UV thread onto 24 mil polyethylene (ultra-high tensile) stress transfer strip. Entire perimeter is reinforced with 2” (6,000 lb strength) seat-belt webbing. STANDARD SIZES: 90’ x 90’ 120’ x 120’ 160’ x 160’ 170’ x 170’ Custom Sizes available.