Bunt Zone Infield Protector-Trainer, Major League 15(D) x 18 x 48


Bunt Zone Protector-Trainer

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Bunt Zone Protector-Trainer

Product Description

This patented trainer has been used for years by Minor and Major League Teams to help batters practice the correct placement of bunts. Super-durable and constructed to last through many (many!) seasons, our trainer is color-coded so that athletes and coaching staff work together to develop bunting techniques and strategies. An added bonus: this trainer also protects turf where bunting practice takes place. It’s a tool that will help contribute to a winning season!

Patented, color-coded target system to help teach bunting and hitting placement.

YELLOW – to bunt-for-hit
GREEN – for sacrifice
RED – is bad bunt or hit-and-run
Includes low profile stakes and grommets installed around edges.

Mesh: 8oz./sq. yd. 54-61% Shading. Tear Strength (D-5034): Warp 35., Fill 35. 4″ Tensile Strength (D-5034): Warp 175., Fill 175.

Grommets: #2 brass grommets every 12″.

Available in 3 Sizes and 2 Styles for baseball and softball: Large = 20’ Deep x 24’ x 64’ Medium = 15’ Deep x 24’ x 54’ LL/Softball = 15’ Deep x 18’ x 48’