Louisville Slugger Mound Clay


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Product Description

Louisville Slugger® Pitchers Mound Clay™ is screened heavy clay with a natural red color. This heavy clay has higher clay content than average products on the market. Louisville Slugger® Pitchers Mound Clay™ can be used in conjunction with other products or as a stand-alone, everyday maintenance clay. This clay can be used to construct, rebuild, or repair pitcher’s mounds, and catcher’s and batter’s boxes.

The design philosophy behind using mound clay to build your high stress areas is to increase Longevity, increase Durability, and increase Compaction.

Natural red in color, Louisville Slugger® Pitchers Mound Clay™ gives high stress areas the durability that professional groundskeepers require. Though it has been designed to meet the performance standards of elite programs, this material easily tamps into holes, provides greater durability, and reduces maintenance for all levels of play. In addition to being a mound material, Mound Clay can be used to firm up the high stress areas of your infield.

Color: Natural Red

Weight: 64 pounds per cubic foot (Dry) = 1.15 Yards:1 Ton

Volume: 1 Bag = 50 lbs = .78 Cubic Foot

Bags:50 lbs. each, 40 bags per Pallet

ASTM Approved
Red in color
Heavy clay for building
Greater compaction
Easily conforms
Reduces maintenance