Diamond Select Natural Mound Clay


Diamond Select Natural Mound Clay

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Diamond Select Natural Mound Clay

Product Description

Diamond Select Natural Mound Clay™ is a mid-level blend of clay that has been designed the stress of high traffic areas such as your pitchers mound. This product will add durability and strength to your soil, easily bind and conform to existing surfaces, and enhance your mounds level of play.

The design philosophy behind using mound clay to build your high stress areas is to increase Longevity, increase Durability, and increase Compaction.

Diamond Select Natural Mound Clay™ gives coaches on a budget the durability that pitchers and batters require. This material has been designed to meet the performace standards of youth programs and high schools. Diamond Select Natural Mound Clay™ easily tamps into holes, provides greater durability and reduces maintenance. It is a cheap option used to repair, rebuild, and construct your fields pitcher’s mound, batter’s boxes, and catcher’s box. It can also be used to firm up the high stress areas of your infield.

Grey Area – High Stress ONLY # of Mound Clay Bags
Area Size 2″ 4″ 6″
Table 34″ x 60″ 7.5 15 22.5
Landing Area 32″ x 60″ 7 14 21
Batter’s Boxes* 32″ x 60″ 14 28 42
Catcher’s Box 32″ x 48″ 5.5 11 16.5
Total 34 68 102
All quantities are approximate
*Number of bags are for both boxes
1 Bag = 9 sq. ft. x 1″ deep