Sideline Jackets

Your apparel off the field can be just as important as your apparel on the field. With so many options out on the market right now, it can be tough to decide which apparel fits your needs and budget. We here at Valley Athletics know your busy schedule doesn’t allow you time to do all the research that goes into finding the perfect sideline gear, so we took it upon ourselves to compile a list for you of all the best quality gear at multiple price ranges – all in one convenient location. That way, you can focus on your athlete and winning the game in their new high performing, stylish, and comfortable apparel.


PROLOOK Men’s Game Day Jacket


PROLOOK Women’s Game Day Jacket


PROLOOK Men’s Quarter-Zip Jacket


PROLOOK Women’s Quarter-Zip Jacket


PROLOOK Men’s Cage Jacket


PROLOOK Women’s Cage Jacket


Under Armour Men’s Armour Fleece Storm Full-Zip


Under Armour Men’s Unstoppable Fleece Full-Zip


Under Armour Men’s Command Warm-Up Full Zip


Under Armour Women’s Command Warm Up Full-Zip


Nike Club Fleece Sleeve Swoosh Full-Zip Hoodie


Nike Ladies Club Fleece Sleeve Swoosh Full-Zip Hoodie


Nike Full-Zip Chest Swoosh Jacket


Nike Therma-FIT Pocket Full-Zip Fleece Hoodie


Sport-Tek Repeat 1/2-Zip Long Sleeve Hooded Jacket


Sport-Tek Repeat 1/2-Zip Short Sleeve Jacket


Sport-Tek Sport-Wick Stretch Full-Zip Cadet Jacket


Sport-Tek Ladies Sport-Wick Stretch Full-Zip Cadet Jacket


Sport-Tek Travel Full-Zip Jacket


Sport-Tek Ladies Travel Full-Zip Jacket


Sport-Tek Circuit Hooded Full-Zip


Sport-Tek Ladies Circuit Hooded Full-Zip