Triple Play Red Infield Conditioner is a unique blend of vitrified shale particles that have been designed to enhance the stability of an infield. With a rich, red color that adds focus to an infield and adds contrast to ground balls, this product is a beautiful addition to any infield. It is exceptional as both a Top Dressing and Soil Conditioner.

The design philosophy behind using Vitrified Shale as an infield conditioner is to improve stability, improve traction, heightened recovery, and improve color.


  • Colors: Red, Brown, Gold, and Black
  • Weight: 55 pounds per cubic foot = 1.35 Yards:1 Ton
  • Absorption: 32% Absorption
  • Bulk – 5, 10 , 15, 24 and 30 Ton Bulk Truckloads
  • Supersacks – 2,100 lbs. each, 1 per Pallet
  • Bags – 50 lbs. each, 40 bags per Pallet
Recommended Application when used as a Top Dressing:

Spread 1/4” evenly over the surface of your infield, lightly rake, and then play.

Coverage Rates:

2.25 Tons will cover 1,000 sq. ft. at a depth of 1 inch (1.3 yards/ton)

When used as an Infield Conditioner:

Amend Red Infield Conditioner into your soil profile at a rate of 25% by Volume. For volume needed, see coverage chart below:


Baseball Coverage
1” Soil
3” Soil
6” Soil
90’ Bases(Grass Infield) 11,550 sq. ft. 6 tons 18 tons 36 tons
60’ Bases(Grass Infield) 3,850 sq. ft. 2.5 tons 7.5 tons 15 tons


Softball Coverage
1” Soil
3” Soil
6” Soil
65’ Bases(Slow Pitch)(Grass Infield) 9,200 sq. ft. 4.5 tons 13.5 tons 27 tons
60’ Bases(ASA Fast Pitch)(Grass Infield) 8300 sq. ft. 4.25 tons 12.75 tons 25.5 tons


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