Baseball Cold Weather Polar-Flex Batting Gloves


Frost Gear Cold Weather Polar-Flex Batting Gloves

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Frost Gear Cold Weather Polar-Flex Batting Gloves

Product Description

This is baseball’s best cold weather batting glove. Designed to enhance adhesiveness on the bat, grip strength, and overall comfort, you or your ball player will feel great on game day, regardless of how cold the temperatures may be. Our athletes use this product to hit effectively when others using regular batting gloves aren’t able to feel their finger-tips due to the weather. Pitchers and also wear this product in the bullpen and dugout in order to stay warm and retain the ball field look, and to be ready to go at a moment notice. If you, or your ball player wants to train outside during the off season, this product is made for you!

Hit better and control your time in the box this upcoming season with the most comfortable and warmest batting glove on the market.